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For us Vilisoft is just a story of a group of people who are friends, working together in IT environment. Highly skilled, experienced, loyal, being on the same wavelength and sharing the passions of work and life.

What can Vilisoft mean to you?

If your main areas of interest in IT are:

  • development in Java and Java related technologies,
  • integration of existing products under microservices architecture,
  • cloud solutions delivery with proper scalability and reliability.

Vilisoft can mean: high quality, meeting deadlines, fulfilling requirements, understanding my business.

Located in Poland we have already worked in multicultural environment for projects in all world time zones, for top brand companies. We are sure that the variety of our experiences will go beyond your wildest needs and expectations.

Now, it is up to you to decide!

How we work

There is not any single formula we can share with you in this section, as there are not any identical IT projects, neither IT organizations. Besides, we follow the principles of Agile Manifesto, and our offer is really wide.

In a "controllable way" we adjust to you, your problem, your organization. By "controllable way" we emphasise our desire to stay independent and objective. This is valuable. It allows you to adopt another point of view related to business cooperation. Let's be honest - you do not just search for developers (do you?). You need the best, creative and open for challenges IT engineers, you can always rely on.

We search for inspirational projects and opportunities to create common good. The first contact usually concerns negotiating the scope of our work. If you aim at application performance increase, we will provide a database expert and full stack architect at the next meeting. The speed seems to be too high? Come on! Do not slow us down. In fact, you pay for our efficiency and effectiveness.

The most desired by us are fully outsourced IT projects from Western or Northern Europe. We do the work, but you also earn the money.

Offer & services


As a registered AWS partner we help our clients in smooth transition into cloud solutions. We specialize in turning monolith apps into lightweight cloud native apps introducing plenty of benefits, like: reduced infrastructure cost, easier daily maintenance, high availability. We offer certified AWS architects and developers. Contact us and see for yourself that there is no good argument against moving into cloud.

For more details, please visit https://cloud.vilisoft.com/

Jira support and development

We offer highly skilled JIRA/Confluence administrators and workflow designers along with plugin developers. We are active Atlassian`s plugins vendor. For more details visit our marketplace page. You lack functionality in Jira? Contact us! Surely we can help.


Delivering tidy, fast, responsive and predictable interface is a MUST nowadays. Nobody will revisit vapid website and employees forced to deal with a bad interface do not work efficiently enough. What is more, slow, crashing programs can easily cause frustration. We are fully aware of it. User interface and user experience are highly valued in our company, therefore we offer:

  • Over 10 years of experience in basic web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of most recent trends in the field of web application development. We build our current products on top of Angular JS / Angular, popular and successful single page application framework.
  • Communication with server or micro services using REST API.
  • Reactive programming, which helps us to deliver reliable, scalable, highly available applications.
  • With a great deal of experience in many frontend technologies, we are able to squeeze maximum performance out of the user interface.


Efficient and highly available backend is one of the most important IT components. It is also one of these, which you don`t want to know about. Fortunately, with Vilisoft you don`t have to, as we specialize in:

  • Broadly defined Java technologies.
  • Complicated calculations and data analysis.
  • Business process implementations using BPM workflow engines.
  • Solution adjustments, offering classical or cloud scalable architecture.
  • ECM system implementations, that will store and categorize your documents in one place.
  • Automatic deployment configuration, so that you can run the application on a newly provisioned server with just one click.


Well-designed data persistence is the key element to keep your business running. In fact, the whole IT is about data. Vilisoft engineers have experience with large, highly available and distributed databases.

Our staff can help you design or redesign a storage layer. Our services include:

  • Preparation of databases architecture.
  • Data structure optimization.
  • Database tuning.
  • Preparation of databases management strategies – including backups, maintenance etc.
  • Cloud integration.
  • Trouble shooting.

Vilisoft can support your organization with various types of SQL databases like Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL, non-SQL solutions (e.g. Elasticsearch, Azure Cosmo DB, Amazon DynamoDB) as well as memory buffers or queues (e.g. REDIS)


IT systems generally do not work in isolation. Sooner or later there comes a need for integration which is not an easy and obvious task. Analysis and assessment of the environments aimed to be interconnected is the key to success. We are able to provide professionals with a wealth of experience in integration, backed by the cooperation with the world's largest companies.

  • Our large integration solutions are built on top of ESB platforms (e.g. WSO2ESB).
  • We provide scalable integration systems.
  • We will integrate with any system that exposes any API.
  • Your system does not have an API? We will also integrate with that one! Have you ever heard of RPA class solutions? Yes. Robots will do the job!
  • We integrate data from different sources including: creation of data warehouse, creation and management of ETL processes.


Can you imagine well-organized company without effective IT systems? Neither can we. A considered architecture and well-chosen IT systems can significantly increase your efficiency. Our experienced consultants can provide a range of professional services:

  • Full analysis of IT systems starting from architecture and infrastructure through application and database up to source code level.
  • Technology stack recommendation.
  • IT systems design and architecture.
  • Software development and deployment.
  • Problem solving in existing environment.


Do you have a project to deliver? Or an idea to implement? And you can`t find any suitable staff? Contact us! Hire our specialists and manage them your own way! We offer professional service of highly skilled and experienced employees. We can deliver:

  • Java architects.
  • Senior and Junior Java developers (server side, user interface or full stack).
  • Integration specialists.
  • Database Architects, Designers and Programmers.
  • BI specialists.
  • Project Managers.
  • Scrum Masters.

With our employees, you can easily, quickly and successfully complete your projects.

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Template (Epic) Cloner for Jira

Template (Epic) Cloner is the fastest way to create production tasks based on existing templates

With just one click, your template Epic with Stories and other Issues in Epic together with sub-tasks can be cloned.

  • Clone your template very easily
  • Select cloning strategy and edit Issues details
  • Build Dashboards and Filters

For more details, please visit https://cloner.jira.vilisoft.com

Advanced Template Cloner for Jira

Advanced Template Cloner for Jira plugin is intended for any projects where recurring issues exist

The plugin lets you clone issue together with any linked issues and sub-tasks keeping links between them.

  • Clicking once you can recreate existing linked issues
  • Using issues and links between them you can create a hierarchical template
  • Share templates with your colleagues

For more details, please visit https://marketplace.atlassian.com/advanced-template-cloner-for-jira


Professional software for billing services in a modern company

It is clear that nowadays every second is priceless therefore, in most cases, customer service is provided online. As a consequence, it is extremely important to use our time and / or employees' time efficiently in order to run the business professionally.

How do you benefit from Pileus?

  • Automatic calculation of working time dedicated to the support of each client
  • Detailed calculation of real costs related to the management of cases, execution of orders, provision of services, and comprehensive customer service
  • An easy way to account for the consultation time, preparation of documents and workload of the projects
  • Optimal work planning
  • Awareness of real costs incurred

For more details, please visit https://pileus.vilisoft.com/


Raise the level of patient service and manage your office with ease

Solutions that have until now only been available to large Medical Centers are becoming available to your office.

The Regimed service was created for medical facilities that want to use modern forms of communication with patients using technology without the need to purchase hardware and software.

A system that will make your work easier

  • Online visits
  • Mobile application
  • Online calendar
  • History of visits

For more details, please visit https://regimed.vilisoft.com/

BPO support

6 years...

This is the average time we've already spent in BPO business. As a part of the worldwide BPO company we've been actively supporting various projects from Australia to the Western United States for the top world brands. Our experience guarantees your benefits thanks to engaging professional IT team in the process outsourcing transitions. The IT technology stack, appropriate tools and strict, technical approach can trigger unexpected process evolution, making it much easier, transparent, accountable for all stakeholders.

Whatever is your business, whether your company is interested in outsourcing business processes, or it is BPO company, you may use our knowledge and experience to save your time in transition, and lead your project to success.

Contact us for the successful projects references

Collect payments for your services ...

This product is reflecting our past experiences in Telco sector. Even though the payment rules for the last few years got really simplified there were times when even standard payment rules for Telco services were known of a great complexity. Just to bring to the discussion a few of the dimensions, there were different rates for telco connections made during weekend days or during the night, bundle and discount models, or even aspects of accounting among the virtual operators.

We managed to get the response for this demanding market in the past. One of our architects was successfully leading a development and running of the 500 000 telco clients accounting system. Nowdays we decided to get this product to our portfolio again, as we observe a high necessity in cloud services collecting payments and reconciliation area.

vilibilling can be a highly customizable response for your billing requirements.

Contact us and collect your payments


IT systems always use or produce artifacts. Plenty of documents, financial journals, large data files. They all require the transfer from one system to another. You are probably dealing with it somehow at the moment, manually or even automatically. However, there are so many copies of the data, and you never know if you are working on the same thing as initially or not. Perhaps ... ViliStore can manage your content better? Place the data into ViliStore once and let it be used by all of your systems by simply providing the entry link. One system to rule them all.

Typical implementation of ViliStore is the archiving system. You may put the document into it and set up its retention period, as well as any other attribute/permission you can think of. ViliStore exposes the CMIS standard services for you to manage the content. No more files being manually delivered through insecure channels between the systems or applications. No more missing things. It also supports distributed environments to help you serve the content in different locations (have you already thought of a cloud?)

Contact us and control your precious data

Digitalize your work...

ViliFlow is a typical workflow system. Which stage is my process at? How long will it take to complete it? If you ask yourself these questions, it`s high time to introduce ViliFlow.

The real power of ViliFlow among all other workflow systems is that, combined with ViliLink, it will level your process implementation to the IT level not found elsewhere. In ViliFlow Human Tasks are really only the ones that require Human attention. Having possessed the knowledge about your domain, Viliflow will deliver the real technology support. The more things you have on board, the happier we will be to help you cover them by means of just one tool.

Contact us and let it flow

Monitor your work progress...

We have already come across this phenomenon. The bigger your company is, the more distributed it becomes and the less control over it you have. Do you meet your client's expectations stated in SLA?

Do you gather, control, monitor your strategic KPIs? Are you sure your process implementation does not suffer because of any unknown obstacle? Which data decide whether it is possible to improve the process implementation?. Which make it sub-optimal? The ViliMonitor can find the answers for these and many more questions.

With ViliFlow, ViliMonitor will give you the unexpected knowledge you can use in your strategic planning.

Contact us and monitor your work



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