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Offer & services

Offer & services

Our company consists of a team of experienced programmers, designers, and engineers who ensure the high quality of the services we provide.

Our services include custom software development, IT system implementation, application integration, and IT infrastructure maintenance. We work with various technologies, including databases, programming languages, data analysis tools, and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to our approach, which is based on close collaboration with clients and adapting solutions to their needs, we are able to provide our clients with solutions that will increase their efficiency and accelerate the development of their business.

Cloud Services

Atlassian Marketplace Partner

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AWS Cloud Services

Your Path to Innovation and Efficiency

As a registered AWS partner, our IT company assists clients in a smooth transition to cloud solutions. We specialize in transforming monolithic applications into lightweight cloud-native applications, offering numerous benefits such as reduced infrastructure costs, easier daily maintenance, and high availability.

Our team includes certified AWS architects and developers, ready to tailor cloud solutions to your business’s individual needs. Contact us to discover why moving to the cloud is a step towards modernity and efficiency.

Atlassian Marketplace – Jira apps

Atlassian Marketplace – Expand Your Atlassian Tools with Our Plugins

In the world of Atlassian, efficiency and customization to meet your needs are key to success. In our offer, you will find innovative applications for Atlassian that help our clients solve daily business challenges.

Our goal is to create essential, high-quality plugins that will make Atlassian solutions even more efficient and integrated with your business processes.

We invite you to discover the full range of our applications. For more details, please visit our Atlassian plugins page.


Secure your correspondence with Kryptli – a reliable encryption tool

In today’s digital world, protecting confidential information has never been more important. Kryptli is an intuitive application offering advanced solutions for file encryption and centralized password management. Our tool has been created to ensure the highest standards of security for your transmitted data.

For more details, please visit our Kryptli page.


Professional software for billing services in a modern company

It is clear that nowadays every second is priceless therefore, in most cases, customer service is provided online. As a consequence, it is extremely important to use our time and/or employees’ time efficiently in order to run the business professionally.

For more details, please visit our Pileus page.

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