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Global templates in team-managed projects

What if you're utilizing team-managed projects, have your project templates, and want to avoid messing up the backlog with these templates?  There's a straightforward solution:  Create a distinct team-managed project named 'TEAM 1 TEMPLATES' with permissions granted to you and your team members.  Develop one or more templates within this...

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Global templates

In the previous article, we explored the concept of templates. Now I want to consider scenarios where multiple teams or across various projects could utilize the same template.   Let’s consider a very basic set of tasks required to release the app:  Application release on DEV   Testing on DEV    Application release...

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Game-changing concept of Issue Templates

Let's be honest... neither company is introducing only new initiatives, and their backlog consists solely of innovative tasks. We often manage repetitive tasks or activities such as product upgrades, release processes, identical product implementations for various clients, and many other familiar activities within your business area. While the work might...

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