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Global templates in team-managed projects

Global templates in team-managed projects

Apr 9, 2024 | Jira

What if you’re utilizing team-managed projects, have your project templates, and want to avoid messing up the backlog with these templates? 

There’s a straightforward solution: 

  • Create a distinct team-managed project named ‘TEAM 1 TEMPLATES’ with permissions granted to you and your team members. 
  • Develop one or more templates within this newly created project. 
  • Clone these template/templates to the intended project using:

Why house templates in separate projects? Let us count the reasons: 

  • Focused Backlog: Keep your backlog laser-focused on tasks that need planning. 
  • No Filters Needed: No need to create filters to separate issues from templates. 
  • No Task Left Behind: Never worry about missing tasks. 
  • Your Template Hub: Access your own templates repository, ready for editing or creating new ones on-demand. 

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