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Global templates

Global templates

Feb 20, 2024 | Jira

In the previous article, we explored the concept of templates. Now I want to consider scenarios where multiple teams or across various projects could utilize the same template.  

Let’s consider a very basic set of tasks required to release the app: 

  • Application release on DEV  
  • Testing on DEV   
  • Application release on UAT  
  • Testing on UAT  
  • Application release on PRE-PROD  
  • Testing on PRE-PROD   
  • Application release on PROD  
  • Testing on PROD 

If we aim to maintain a consistent approach across all development teams, it’s worthwhile to create a template in a global project dedicated to template management. This template can then be cloned to any team backlog as needed. Take a look at the example in the picture below.

To start this concept, in your Jira instance: 

  • Establish the Global Templates Project (recommended type: company-managed). 
  • Create templates using Epics with child issues (you may choose any issue type you prefer, such as Story, Task, or Spike) and sub-tasks.
  • Grant view permissions to individuals who require access for template cloning (e.g., product owners, managers, scrum masters, analysts—tailored to your project’s needs). 
  • Install either or both of the following apps in your Jira instance:

With global projects and templates established, you can seamlessly initiate issue cloning to your specific project using Cloners for Jira. Before cloning, you can specify the target project without modifying the template and easily customize issues within a transparent view. Further details about customizations can be found in the article ISSUE CUSTOMIZATIONS BEFORE CLONING, which will be published soon. 

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